Top-10 Tweets: #ThingsBetterThanTheDunkContest

Oy… That was one of the toughest NBA Slam Dunk Contests I’ve ever seen.

If you ask me personally why the Slam Dunk Contest was so bad: I think the “Freestyle” beginning took the mystique out of the contest and the east/west teams. NBA fans like the individual way.

Fans didn’t like it so much, they created a hashtag called: “#ThingsBetterThanTheDunkContest”. And some of them were so funny and created, I decided, WHAT THE HELL, let me make a top-ten post on Tweets, NBA fans thought were better than last night’s Dunk Contest.

Here they are…

10) @jhunterlane4 Tweets:

9) @TylerKirschi Tweets:

8) @MLafFem Tweets:

7) @SwankyRicky Tweets:

6) @BrentPaterson Tweets:

5) @da_linkwent Tweets:

4) @ConqueringAce Tweets:

3) @Sam416S Tweets:

2) @DrahEAM Tweets:

1) @U_Ali5 Tweets:


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