Knicks Need Faried to Beat Indiana

If the New York Knicks enter this year’s playoffs as the eighth seed — meaning, they’ll probably have to face the Indiana Pacers in the first round — they’re gonna need Kenneth Faried.

Reports are running rapid that the Knicks and Denver Nuggets are have re-engage talks for a Faried and Iman Shumpert swap.  Remember, the two teams where almost close to completing the trade, late last year.

The Knicks could very well enter this year’s playoffs as the eighth seed. And if they do, they will see the Pacers in the first round. In order to beat Indiana, or have any chance of making it a long series, they’re gonna need to land Faried in the next couple of days.

Knicks need size in the front court to match-up the size of Indiana.

Tyson Chandler and Kenyon Martin isn’t enough; especially since Martin is aging and more injury prone.

Carmelo Anthony can rebound and play some defense in the paint, but he’ll do that some nights, and, that still won’t be enough size to beat Indiana, inside.

And if you watch the Knicks everyday, I think you pretty much know Amare Stoudemire and Andrea Bargnani’s defensive talents.

Last year in the playoffs when the Knicks faced Indiana in the second round, the Pacers front court murdered the Knicks’ interior defense. Especially with a hurting Chandler in that series. Then, the Knicks had to deal with Lance Stephenson blazing to the basket, every time he had the possession.

Roy Hibbert — you can live with being…Roy Hibbert. Also when the Knicks have a center to match him up against. But the guy that really the hurt the Knicks in that playoff game, and would still hurt them now, is power forward David West.

The 6’9 West is the guy that hurts any team who doesn’t have any size in the paint. If you lose a game against the Pacers, with Hibbert not playing and you wonder why you lost, it’s because West grabbed 10 rebounds and put up 30 points.

Now, if the Knicks can acquire Faried, that’s the perfect guy to matchup against West. With Faried and Chandler in the front for the Knicks, they can match up well against the Pacers.

Faried and West score almost the same amount of points, but West can get more rebounds.

Faried also matches up with the physical game, that West brings. Last year, many fans and NBA analyst questioned if the Knicks could matchup with the Pacers physical toughness, inside.

Another thing you bring with Faried, is points in the paint. You notice, the only guy who scores inside for the Knicks is Anthony. Chandler is not much of an offensive player; more defense. Knicks need another big in the paint — not just size to matchup with Indiana — but to score easy points. Knicks still rely on that three-ball.

Will This Trade Happen?:

Yes. Because it’s a perfect trade for both teams and I think Shumpert and Mike Woodson have had it with each other. I hate to see Shumpert go, but the Knicks need to get better and this is the only way to do that.

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