GIFS: Bruno Mars, Michael Jackson, James Brown Dance

Just like everyone else, I loved Bruno Mars’ Super Bowl 48 performance. And the one great moment to this performance was James Brown dance moves, Mars performed.

When I was younger, I always thought it was the Michael Jackson moveset. Until I got older and was told that Michael imitated those moves from the legendary James Brown.

This is Brown, in the 1960s, doing those very same moves that Mars did in the Super Bowl, that “The King Of Soul” brought into the game.

This was the late, great Jackson, who performed the move — probably — for the very last time, in his “This Is It” movie, in 2009.

And lastly, this is Chris Brown imitating the moves, in his video “Don’t Think They Know”. It’s the only video I saw C.Brown do this move. Performed it really well… I mean, I’m not shocked, since he’s the best male dancer today.

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