Is Fallon Ready? Is Meyers Ready?

The Saturday Night Live alumni is taking over weeknights. And somewhere in America, Lorne Michaels has an evil smirk and laughing like Dr.Evil.

But the question is, is Seth Meyers ready for the big time? And is Jimmy Fallon ready for the brighter lights?

My answer is No and Yes. Though I didn’t answer, since you don’t know what NO or YES is for. You think you know, but you have no idea…this the Real Wor….. Umm, no, never mind.

Let’s start with Meyers:

I’m gonna say: Yes, to Meyers having potential success. When I first heard about Meyers taking the Late Night, I thought it was a perfect choice from NBC; I mean, I knew he was eventually going to get picked, but he was one of the candidates for the Late Night show, I felt, that has the talent and the eye to be great at this.

Meyers has the swagger, the perfect pause (great comedians have), wittiness, coolness and the intelligence for the political side, to be great at this job.

When I look at Meyers on the Weekend Update on SNL, he’s very admirable. He’s a guy that can look great in a suit, be funny and tremendously smart. I sometimes wish I can be a writer on SNL, but when I heard Meyers was the head-writer, I knew I had no-chance in hell to be one. That told me, being a writer for SNL, it’s not all about writing funny skits — you also gotta be hella smart to be an SNL writer and know a lot about politics and history. I’m far, far, far, far from that.

He’s got that ‘it’ factor to be a great Late Night host. I obviously never seen Johnny Carson and Dick Cavett when they were on television; they were before my time, though I’ve watched videos of them on YouTube — especially Cavett since I always watch his interview with Marlon Brando — and Meyers has that Carson/Cavett look. Carson and Cavett had a (might sound odd) quiet clown persona. Where they seem low-key and conservative men, but deep down they — or when they wanted to — can pull out that 7-year old child inside them, or bring that goofy side out of them, then put it away and get serious on an interview. That’s what Meyers can do.

Though sadly, I don’t think Fallon has that. I’m gonna say No, to him.

I’m gonna be 100% honest about Fallon. And I hate to be this way because I like him very much; even though I’ve never met him or know him personally, he seems like a tremendous guy. Though I just don’t think he’s gonna be successful.

Fallon never striked as the next guy to later take over for Jay Leno at the “Tonight Show”. Fallon doesn’t seem like that type of guy, to me. The goofiness is okay at times, but he doesn’t have that serious side to him. And his jokes are just not that funny.

I think I’m the only person who doesn’t like “Thank You Cards”.

Fallon doesn’t have the wit and the quick-strike joke, like a Leno and David Letterman have. When a celebrity is being interviewed by Leno and Letterman and that actor says something silly, Leno or Letterman jumps on that actor with a joke, quickly. Leno and Letterman have quick mouths.

I also think Fallon is jumping to the Tonight Show too early. Fallon started the Late Show in 2009 — and now five years later he’s go on the Tonight Show? It took Conan O’Brien 17-years to get the Tonight Show and it didn’t work for him.

I hope Fallon proves me wrong. But I see Meyers becoming more successful than Fallon. I really do. A matter of fact — I can see Meyers taking over Letterman, when Letterman retires.

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