Could LeBron Help Melo Win a Championship?


First and foremost, let’s start with Carmelo Anthony. He’s not leaving the New York Knicks. He’s not going to Los Angeles and he’s not going to Chicago. I say Anthony stays with the Knicks. Besides, no other place in the world has better marketing than New York City (bitch).

Now, to LeBron James. James can — like Anthony — opt out his contract this offseason. James has already won two titles in Miami and could win his third this year. Has nothing to prove in Miami. Could he now say to himself: ‘Hmm…why not make history in New York sports and win the Knicks their first title since 1973.’

James went to the Miami Heat for one reason — that’s to win a championship. He’s won two. That’s done with. Now…he looks pretty bored winning in Miami. He needs a new challenge.

James is gonna go down as one of the all-time greats; we know that. But winning a title for the Knicks would set such a high bar in his already immaculate career. Maybe — MAYBE — sets the bar higher or same level as Michael Jordan. You know how big it is to be known as part of Knicks championship team? You know how rare that is in New York? That’s a whole different animal. If James won a title in New York, I bet, people would forget about the two titles in Miami.

LeBron is a Yankee fan. He knows how big winning in New York is.

And we already know how well his Nike brand will do in New York City.

Why LeBron Could Leave Miami For New York?:

Three Reasons Why.

1) He’s bored and needs a new challenge.

2) He needs to keep feeding his brand.

3) Dwyane Wade is getting older. 

Wade is still effective, but you can’t deny the fact that he’s getting older and more injury prone. And let’s be real: without Wade, James doesn’t win those two titles and three NBA Finals appearances.

James could look at the Knicks with Anthony, and could imagine the numerous titles being won in the future. A James-Anthony combo is just as deadlier as a James-Wade combo.

As for the Knicks payroll, they’re gonna need to release money, if, they want to get James this offseason. They would have to get rid of one and maybe two contracts. If they can trade Tyson Chandler and/or Andrea Bargnani, and James opts out, they can do it. I know…that’s a lot to be done.

James doesn’t have to come next offseason. His contract is up in 2015 but can opt out this offseason. So he can come to the Knicks in 2015 when the Knicks free up a lot money and he’ll be a free agent.

Either this offseason or next, I truly believe, King James, will be a New York Knick.

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