Knicks: 6-1 in 2014

Can you wish the New York Knicks would’ve started the season — half — this hot? Yes. Do you wish we’d be this healthy this early in the season? Of course. But it all it matter that they’re hot now, there’s plenty games left in the season and they still have a shot to get one of the top seeds.

Knicks defeat the Phoenix Suns 98-96 in OT, making this Knick winning streak lengthen to five. New York is now 6-1 in the new year.

The Knickerbockers can have a very good month of January. On Tuesday, they go to Charlotte to face the 15-23 Bobcats. They should be able to win that game. I know they’re a little tired right now, but they need to win that game. Knicks need to win Tuesday at Charlotte, so they can go into Indiana and play with no pressure; the Knicks would definitely want to win and beat their eastern rival Pacers, but going into Indiana 7-1 makes things a lot easier, than losing a game in Charlotte and having to get back on the horse against the 29-7 Pacers.

And if they can get buy the Pacers, the Knicks could gain a mass confidence toward the finish of January. After beating the Miami Heat last week, then beating Indiana on the road, would be huge. Then the Knicks could have that winning mentality where they feel they can beat anyone. And they can. The Knicks can go against anyone, when they’re healthy and right.

Looking at the January schedule, all the Knicks have to worry about is Indian, Los Angeles Clippers and Brooklyn Nets. If they can get pass those teams, they can finish this month very strong. Because after that, they face teams way under .500.

It’s not impossible for the Knicks can win every game in January. Call me crazy, but it’s possible — IF they pass Indiana on the road. And let’s say the Knicks win every game in January — they’ll be 24-22. Putting them, at least, as one of the four top seed teams.

Do it, Knickerbockers! Do the unbelievable and win every game in January!

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