Girls Season 3 Premiere Fallout

That was the two most quickest episodes, ever.

DVRed the two back-to-back season 3 premiere episodes of “Girls”, since I was watching the 71st annual Golden Globes. So I just finished watching to episodes and man, I thought they went quick! When it ended I said: ‘That’s it?’.

Wasn’t much action, but the first part of the first episode did have some action, when Natalia(who was Adam’s girlfriend in season 2) and her friend yelled at Adam in the coffee shop. Natalia’s friend screaming at him, shouting how much pain he caused her friend. Then, the friend throws curveball at Adam saying that Natalia was pregnant with his baby.

During the argument, Natalia quickly denied that she was pregnant; making Adam to exhale, deeply.

That was would’ve been a shocking way to start off season 3 with Adam being a father. They should’ve went with it. Would’ve been a great way to start off the season.

And is it me, or does Natalia, whose real name is Shiri Appleby, looks a lot like Jamie-Lynn Sigler?

As for Hannah, I think she’s growing and maturing. Her and Adam’s relationship seems serious and a lot comforting. Her and Adam are beginning to realize that they’re meant for each other, because no guy or girl is going to take their weird personalities. They’re both beginning to accept one another — for now! Don’t wanna get ahead of myself. If Adam pees on Hannah’s eyeball, then this paragraph was a waste.

Adam was hilarious in the second episode.

Shoshanna: Still the same Shosh, in season 3. Same Shosh, but just having sex. Though I hope Ray comes back into her life.

Marnie: She still confuses me. Marnie’s still trying to find herself, and still seems to be in-love with Charlie, after she broke up with him, yet again. Marnie maybe confusing, but she’s like a box of chocolates…

Jessa: She’s back and hot as ever. Don’t know what’s next for her. Jessa was big part of this season premiere, when she was in rehab, then got kicked for performing oral sex on another woman patient. Having Hannah, Adam and Shoshanna drive up to Upstate New York to pick her up.

You know, Jessa and Thomas-John are still married. Could he, too, come back to her life. Probably not since the breakup was brutal. But they’re still married.

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