Mets: Nelson Cruz Is There for the Taken!

It was reported yesterday that Nelson Cruz would settle for a one-year contract.

You know what that means, Met fans? YOU CAN GET THIS GUY!

I understand the New York Mets are trying to land Stephen Drew to play shortstop, which is great, but they should be working overtime to land Cruz, also.

I was listening to Ken Rosenthal this morning on MLB Hot Stove — and I finally learned something today, besides staring at Lauren Shehadi and Alanna Rizzo’s boobs —  and he said that most teams don’t like signing one-years deals, to give up a draft pick.

Then, if that’s the case, the Mets should sign Cruz to a two-year deal. I hope the steroid stuff isn’t stopping the Mets into bringing in Cruz to Citi Field.

Signing Curtis Granderson and hopefully signing Drew, would be moving toward the right direction. But it won’t make the Mets a potential playoff team. Signing Cruz would be the final piece they’ll need; that one right-handed they need, and his name is Nelson Cruz and could land on the Mets lap.

Mets Lineup with Drew & Cruz:

Eric Young OF
Daniel Murphy 2B
David Wright 3B
Curtis Granderson OF 
Ike Davis 1B
Nelson Cruz OF
Travis d’Arnaud C
Stephen Drew SS
Zack Wheeler P

If Ike Davis can give the Mets 25-homeruns, or possibly more, this could be a very tough lineup for any N.L pitcher to compete against.

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