Anchorman 2 – Review: It Was Good…

We all expect “Anchorman 2 The Legend Continues” to be ‘amazing’! ‘Ten-times better than the first’. When really, it’s hard for a comedy movie — like this one — to be godly, when it’s a stupid-funny movie.

Anchorman 2 was hyped up to be as good as “Godfather 2”. They hyped this movie to the measure where I wouldn’t be surprised if Will Ferrell retired or took a year off. The whole cast must be dead tired. Then after all that hype, you go see the movie and it’s, really, nothing special since (like I said) it’s a stupid-funny movie. To review it like a Oscar nominated movie.

It was very funny. I liked it. The movie is enhanced with stars; and surprise movie stars who appeared on the movie, who I will not mention for those who haven’t seen Anchorman 2 and want to see it. But there was too much nonsense, instead of more comedy.

The movie isn’t for someone who didn’t see the first Anchorman. It’s for the fans who loved the first one and who really love Ferrell’s movies; and obviously love Ron Burgundy.

Comparing It To The First Anchorman: It’s a lot more exciting than the first one, for sure. There’s more moments and, really, not one moment of boredom. It’s a very lively movie all straight through. I can’t say it was better than the first, because the first movie can’t be compared to the sequel. The first movie is the reason why the sequel is made. Without the first, how’d we know about the second.

Rating Anchorman 2: 3 1/2 Stars

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