Generation Cryo: Most Fascinating Show, Today

Am I the only one who thinks Bob Saget is the donor? That’d be awesome.

But it doesn’t matter who is, because MTV has me obsessed with “Generation Cryo”.

Sadly, tonight are the two last episodes of Generation Cryo, but hopefully on the last episodes we get some news on the donor possibly meeting the kids and be shown on t.v. I’m dying to see how the biological father looks.

If I had to guess who the father looks like from the boys, I say it’s: Jesse (not Jamye’s brother). I have a feeling the father looks a lot like him, the most, out of all the other boys. Even from the yearbook photo of the donor, that the siblings found in the donor’s high school, you can tell the photo — even when it was blurred — looked like Jesse. Jesse denies that the yearbook photo looks like him, when Breeanna disagreed with him and felt like it did. I do to, even though the picture was blurred out.

This (Bob Saget) donor, makes hot daughters! I feel bad for the brothers who met Paige and Molly for the first time. Only if they didn’t know; just kidding! But that Molly (whose the girl on the fourth face shot of the picture above) is smoking hot. Hilit and Jayme are hot too, but…pop me a Molly, please! I-yi-yi! She could stalk me anytime 😉

Breeanna: I love her search and curiosity for her biological father. I hope the donor comes forward into meeting her and they both begin a brand new life with each other. It may not be right with other siblings who have fathers who took care of them, but for Breeanna and Jayme and Jesse, it would be right since they don’t have a male father figure their lives. But with Breeanna, I see her and the father, really, begin a strong relationship; especially if the father has as great as a personality and heart as his daughter Breeanna does.

Johan & Hilit’s father, Eric: I completely understand how Eric feels — I think everyone does, who watches the show. And it’s good to see Johan and Hilit be very supportive of their father and respectful. Eric and his son Johan had a very touching moment, on the last episode.

The Donor’s Name: You can tell the name of the donor is Jesse — by, the way the parents looked when the kids revealed the name, or the way they said “wow”, you can tell there’s something similar with the names of the other boys. Or it could be a celebrity, from the shocking reaction.

Paige and Molly’s mom reaction was: ‘WHAT? BOB SAGET?’

Sorry, I have a weird obsession of the father being Bob Saget.

But I love Generation Cryo. I hate that it comes to end tonight.

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