MTV: "Girl Code" Big Hit in 2013

MTV’s “Girl Code” was a big hit this year, that debuted in April 23, 2013. You can pretty much say “Girl Code” was one of the biggest t.v shows of 2013. Not just girls enjoy it, us fellas did as well — some of us… The…soft…ones.

If you ask me why the show has been a success — they’re many reasons; the show brings diverse personalities, entertainment and the important life rules of relationships and society. But anyone could have all those things; anyone could put a show together with all those assets. Though the one thing that’s hard to find, that “Girl Code” has, is the connection with the audience.

All girls on the show have different styles and ways of life. The cast of women have a panel of nerdy, hott, wild, childish, dark, massively blunt and funny personalities. Like I said, you can find that anywhere and make it into a show. But you cannot find that true emotion each girl has in giving that girl, or that guy lessons in life. The viewers see that and fall in-love with these talented, beautiful girls.

There’s no bullshit in these girls. I’ve never met them personally; so I have no right to really know — even though I think I saw Jamie Lee in Brooklyn, once — but what you see on t.v, I feel, is who they really are. What they say and believe in, is what they really feel, on topics they discuss. That’s why the viewers grow attach to the girls. There’s a connection to the fans, the way the fans connect with their friends and family. Because that’s the way I feel when I watch “Girl Code” — there’s a mutual, truthful connection to these hotties.

The funny, entertaining stuff are just a major bonus, to the show.

And a guy like me, likes the show because of the girls. The “Girl Code” chicks are hot! But whose my favorite girl code?

No, not Melanie Iglesias — she’s smoking hot, but too easy to like. My two favorites are Alice Wetterland and Jamie Lee. But I love Wetterland, more. She’s just…simple. That’s what I like.

All in all — the show wins. One of the most successful t.v shows to enter 2013. Will it continue deep into 2014? We’ll see…

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