The Voice Finale: Lady Gaga & Christina Aguilera perform "Do What U Want"

The feud is over, between the two pop icons, Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera, as they sang “Do What U Want” hit together at ‘The Voice” finale.

An epic moment between the two stars. I enjoyed it very much. Reason why, is because Gaga and Aguilera basically have the best female vocals in the past decade. These two are truly talented. So talented, they make Britney Spears look unbelievably overrated.

Gaga and Aguilera sound almost identical. I just think Gaga is better because she can get low in her vocals and make it sound R&B-ish — she has different types of volumes to her voice. Aguilera is just high pitch, all the way. But Aguilera is amazing. Never got the respect over Spears in the late 90’s.

This performance should open doors for a possible collaboration between the two. Kinda of like a: Brandy-Monica “The Boy Is Mine” type video. Gaga and Aguilera should look into it.

This is true singing talent!

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