Yankees: Howie Kendrick an Ideal 2B Option

Earlier this year, when I heard the Los Angeles Angels were shopping second baseman Howie Kendrick, I said: ‘What a perfect guy to replace Robinson Cano — but it won’t happen, since Cano would be back’.

Well, now Cano will never back with the New York Yankees…

Just like how I would love to see Chase Headley play third for the Bombers, I would love to see Kendrick replace Cano at second. Not only he can play second, he’s also a first baseman; he use to play 3rd, I don’t know if he still can. Probably can, since he’s only 30-years old.

The major reason why I would love to see Kendrick in pinstripes, is because I’ve seen him kill the Yankees as if he were Manny Ramirez. Kendrick has a career .351 average with 71 hits in 202 at-bats, against New York. Yankees’ pitching staff could never get him out.

Kendrick’s basically a high average guy; has some pop, but more of a hitting machine. His numbers have been pretty consistent each year; he’ll give you a .290 BA, with 10-15 homeruns and 60 RBIs. Solid player.

Not sure if the Yankees would be interested in acquiring the Angel second baseman, since the Angels are looking for pitching.

GARDNER FOR KENDRICK?: Angels lost their outfielder Peter Bourjos in a trade for third baseman David Freese. What Bourjos was to Los Angeles, is what outfielder Brett Gardner is to the Yankees. Angels lost that speedster outfielder, in Bourjos, who also played sensational defense.

So what I’m coming to is, why not trade Gardner to L.A for Kendrick? Like the Angels, Yankees are looking for starting pitching and would only trade Gardner for a middle of the rotation pitcher.

Kendrick to the Yankees may not be likely, but if second basemans start coming off the shelves, Yankees should make a west coast call to LA-LA Land.

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