Yankees: Why Not Phillips & Bailey?

Just kill two birds with one stone. You do that, you’ll get a second baseman and a pitcher.

Since acquiring catcher Brian McCann, the New York Yankees have young catching prospects to trade. Then, after signing Jacoby Ellsbury and Carlos Beltran, the Yankees have a couple of young, prospect outfielders, to trade as well. On top of that, the Yankees are shopping center-fielder Brett Gardner.

The Yanks can package those prospects — that they probably don’t need in the near future — and offer it to the Cincinnati Reds for both (starting pitcher) Homer Bailey and (second baseman) Brandon Phillips.

Yankees, really, don’t want to reach into their wallet again, after already spending $299 million dollars in this early offseason. But they still want the best that’s out there. They can get the best, by trading for Phillips and Bailey. And it would be perfect if they can get these two.

Even though there hasn’t been any talks about Bailey being shopped by the Reds. Although, Bailey will be a free agent in 2014 and the Reds will most likely not re-sign him.

There have been talks of the Reds shopping around Phillips. Yankees can get Phillips alone; better chance of getting him alone, then getting both he and Bailey.

Getting both of these players are gonna cost an arm and a leg; no doubt. But I’d do it, because Phillips and Bailey would fill in the Yankee needs in one shot. Yankees won’t have to worry about a thing if they could pull this off. All they have to do is fill in the bullpen and try to bid for Japanese pitch Masahiro Tanaka.

Phillips isn’t Robinson Cano, but he’s the perfect replacement.

Bailey would cost more than Phillips, for the simple fact that he’s only 27-years old and making only $5 million. And has a couple of no-hitters in his resume. Also, if the Yankees fail to land Tanaka, at least they have Bailey.

To get Phillips and Bailey, I would offer the Reds: Mason Williams, Slade Heathcott, Gary Sanchez, Brett Gardner AND Ivan Nova. Why — you may say — would I offer Nova? Because we’re getting a pitcher back. Bailey replaces Nova.

One trade is all it takes. Sometimes these trades — not only can solve one offseason, but can be a trade that changes the teams in years from now.

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