SNL Fallout: Paul Rudd Hosts

Paul Rudd has got to be – by far – one of the most underrated SNL host, whose hosted more than twice. His third time was last night, which was the newest edition of Saturday Night Live.

Rudd does a really good job, every time he’s on SNL. He’s so good, it’s almost like he’s cast member.

When I first saw Rudd in “Clueless”, I never thought he would become a comedic actor. He didn’t show an inch of funny, in that movie — he played the good looking guy who cared about the girl’s feelings. Nothing like you see now in his movies. And that’s the psychology and the beauty of acting, where you can act funny and be so-so looking, or act like this soft, caring, handsome guy and cover up your comedic side. But, we never knew Rudd was funny before “Clueless”; at least for me, since that was the first movie I seen him in.

Seeing Kristen Wiig, Will Ferrell and Fred Armisen(especially) warmed my heart. These SNL icons are sorely missed. With “Anchorman 2” around the corner, I thought for sure Ferrell was going to host SNL this season. But we got a half-hosting job, by him.

Sound Of Music:

What a reaction Wiig gets. It was a great surprise for all SNL fans who love themselves some Wiig. Most of those fans are girls; young women who look into comedy as a career, look up to Wiig as a inspiration.

Then I got to see my boy Armisen… He’s the inspiration to all male comedians. I miss seeing him on Saturday nights. But the good thing is we’ll soon see him early next year on “Portlandia”.

Politics Nation:

Kenan Thompson has found his number one character, as impersonating Al Sharpton. I was absolutely dying with laughter from this sketch. Probably the best sketch of the night.

Thompson is one of the top make cast members, and he’s been on SNL for exactly ten years and I wonder when will he call it quits; I don’t want him too and I sure as hell know Lorne Michaels doesn’t want to see the ten-year veteran leave. But soon, you have to think he might want to do other things. Thompson is only 35-years old — still very young.

One Direction Concert Line:

This sketch is the reason why Rudd fits so perfectly on SNL. If you’ve never watched SNL, you probably think Rudd was a cast member.

Great job, by Rudd.

Jebediah Atkinson Review Holiday Movies:

Taran Killam hardly ever repeats a character; main reason is, because he’s the top male cast member and he has to keep doing different types of characters. Although, his character as Jebediah Atkinson, he’s done twice so far, and it’s been gold. Yes, Killam has done Piers Morgan more than once, but when he does Morgan it’s not really made to laugh. The Atkinson impersonation is a real laugh-out-loud character that you can see him do a lot of, on the Weekend Update. That’s rare to see from Killam.

Jebediah is a big hit, in it’s many sketches.

One Direction Performs “Story Of My Life”:

I was impressed by One Direction’s performance. I never sit down and listen to their music, but when I did listen to them on SNL, I realize how good Harry Styles, is. He’s got a great voice; way better than Justin Bieber. And the kid has style. His style reminds me of Mick Jagger.

Styles has got solo career written all over him, in the future.

Santa Meeting:

This is a classic, SNL Christmas sketch. You’re gonna see this sketch for years; especially on those SNL Christmas specials.

And, holy shit, how about Kate McKinnon? She looked smoking hot! Hey, Kate, let’s stop acting like a lesbian and these sketches from now on.

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