Top-10 Halloween Masks of All-Time

AHhHHHH!!!!! ….. What am I doing? I guess I’m trying to add some halloween screams by using words. Hey, that’s all the techonlogy I can use now, I until an ad starts paying me… :shrug:
But it is October — and that means Halloween is around the corner. It was my favorite holiday as a kid, because, let’s face it, that was one it was most fun. Unless you’re an adult and you’re invited to club Halloween parties. 
I’m off subject, again! This post is about the Top-Ten Halloween Masks of All-Time and I’m taking about parties… BUT…in order to go to a party, you need a mask. 🙂 Ah, you saw what I did there.
So what the top-ten Halloween masks; the most classic masks that were top-selling from the 80’s, 90’s, and are still on shelves today. 
Let’s begin.
I have no clue why the “Saw Mask” is a classic, but from the research I did, it is. 
It doesn’t have to be a legendary, lucha libre mask, from Rey Mysterio Jr.(you see above), it could be an lucha mask. 
A lucha mask is so creative and easy to do. On Halloween night, I once saw this guy with a suit and a lucha mask, riding bike. I thought he looked so cool; and it was creative and simple. 
I’ve bought the Rey Mysterio mask once, years ago. It cost me about $45.00 dollars and I never wore it. 
The “Invisible Mask” was a big hit in the early 2000’s, for some reason. The original version is all black, but they also made different colored kinds, as well. 
This mask wasn’t specially made for his fans — I don’t think — since it’s used as a joke, and his fans, the die-heart ones, don’t normally like this.   

A classic mask for women — or gay men. It’s cheap and easy to wear. 
Ever since MTV had that dance show and those guys had these’s masks on, it’s been a big hit. 
Also, very cheap price. You can get one for $4.00. Another easy, less-expensive way to celebrate Halloween.
Love the Vendetta Mask. Mainly because I feel like I have the actual face.
One of the best Halloween masks, out there today.
Who wasn’t “Michael Myers” for Halloween as a kid? 
I was Michael Myers for my 4th grade school party. 
Great mask, but very hot underneath. 
Again — who wasn’t “Jason” for Halloween? 
It’s a mask that can never be overused. You can buy it and use for five years straight. 
A classic mask, that’s easy to get and for a good price. 
By far, the number one classic Halloween mask, that’s been around for almost twenty years.
The movie “Scream” debut in 1996, and the mask was a monstrous hit for that year’s Halloween. Then in 2000, the horror comedy spoof “Scary Movie” made the mask even more famous. Especially the one with the tongue hanging out, when the Scream character was yelling “wasupppp”… That’s a whole other story to why he did that.   

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