Finales of Breaking Bad/Sopranos: Bring Back Old Hits

In 2007, “Don’t Stop Believin” by Journey was a big hit. Now in 2013, “Baby Blue” by Badfinger is a big hit. And none of those songs were even released in the 90’s. They’re — sorta — big hits in the 2000’s.

The end scene to the finale episode of “Breaking Bad” last Sunday, ended with “Baby Blue” by Badfinger, that was a song released in 1972. After last Sunday, “Baby Blue” was the top-selling song on iTunes and could hit the Billboard charts next week.

Amazing. Now people of the age range of mine and maybe younger, know about and are listening to “Baby Blue”. Also, probably want to listen to more of Badfinger.

Just like the B.B finale, “The Sopranos” also had their rebirth of an oldie in their finale episode in 2007, with “Don’t Stop Believin” by Journey.

After this, everybody wanted to hear more of “Don’t Stop Believin” in 2007, which was a song originally released in 1981.

To be honest, I think we enjoyed Journey, more, than the actual ending to the show.

Ever since that Sopranos ending, I listen to “Don’t Stop Believin” when, oddly, one my of my New York sports teams are down in a playoff series — Lol. I just think it’s the perfect song for that sorta stuff.

Again — very amazing and cool, to see these old song reborn again from two iconic drama series.

Joey Molland, a member of Badfinger, spoke with Billy Bush on “Access Hollywood” about the “Breaking Bad” about how he felt about his band song on the finale — Molland said: “Waking up in the morning and finding out you have a brand new hit record; it’s astounding”.

It really is astounding. Shows you how powerful iTunes is, and what it can do to one — just one — hit single. It can make a song gold in year 2013, to year 1960. Fucking amazing.

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