Breaking Bad: DEAD END

What a start — and what a finish.

A satisfying end, with a peaceful death. Walter White dies on the final episode of “Breaking Bad”; which we kinda all expected.

Even though, for a minute, I thought Walter was going to live on. After he killed Jack’s crew and Jesse Pinkman drove off, then he went to the meth lab where Jesse was, I thought he was going to stay there and begin to cook again. Especially in that camp Jack was in, no one could find him. But ignorantly, I forgot that he was shot pretty well on the stomach and the cops were going to find him — as they did, but found dead.

The final episode, in whole, was very good. It was what they’ve been saying the final show would be, which was satisfying. It started off great when Walter followed Gretchen & Elliot Schwartz to their home. Then, it got slow toward the middle, but the ending — as you see on the bottom — was epic.

A machine gun being built on the trunk of the car, was fucking epic. I was waiting for that ‘holy shit’ moment to happen. Vince Gilligan had to make that moment that people will talk about forever; like in “Scarface” when Tony Montana the blew the door down with that machine gun and said: “Say hello to my little friend”.

Not only was this an awesome moment, he killed a bunch of bad guys who did a lot of horrible things. I didn’t know how in the hell Walter was going to kill them all. He does it in a creative, masterful fashion — just as you expect from Walter.

Jesse Pinkman: Walter always loved Jesse. And Jesse loved him. Did he have enough of him toward the end? Of course. But Jesse didn’t want to pull the trigger when Walter told to him kill him.

I’m glad Jesse went off, free. Also, everyone must’ve loved when he killed Todd. Sweet revenge, indeed.

This series has made Aaron Paul; no question. We’ll see if he’ll extend his talents to the big screen. I know he has some car movie that’s coming out, but I want see him make a major movie; something with Martin Scorsese.

Anna Gunn: Great end to her character. Skyler White showed who she always was at the end — she loved Walter; she had considerate love for him. She felt bad for him on last night’s episode. Especially when Walter was giving his last goodbye to his daughter, Holly. Very sad moment.

Another great moment was when Walter explained to Skyler why he did what he did. She got frustrated when he would say he did it “for his family”, so he admittedly said he did it because he “liked it”. He never felt so alive; it was a thrill for him and was good at what he did. Before all this, Walter was boring husband/father, with a boring life, who was a teacher, then finding out he has cancer. This moment, was very satisfying for me, because Walter finally told the truth.

Bryan Cranston: His character, Walter White, will go down as one of the greatest characters in television history. Walter White is going to be on the same list with James Gandolfini’s character, “Tony Soprano”.

Cranston, on “Breaking Bad”, has shown he can play any type of character, he wants. Before “Breaking Bad”, when I watched him on “Seinfeld” as “Tim Whatley” and as “Hal” on “Malcolm In The Middle”, he was always a funny guy. And seeing him transform this character, really showed me how gifted he is. Even as Walter White he was sorta funny, and I can still take him seriously when he says he’s gonna kill someone. That is hard to do.

A brilliant performance by Cranston. Like I said: Walter White will go down as one of the greatest television characters of all-time.

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