Breaking Bad Finale: Will Hank Return?; Prediction End

We are eight hours away t’ll the biggest finale, drama series since “The Sopranos”.

I think we all remember that Sopranos final episode, on June 10th, 2007. Most people thought their cable went out that night, due to the scene ending in black out, right before Tony Soprano lifted up his head when Meadow Soprano came in the diner.

Let’s hope tomorrow night’s final episode of “Breaking Bad” doesn’t end that way. I don’t think it will. It’s gonna be a lot more exciting than that.

Oh yeah, read my title! Yes! You read right. Could Hank Schrader return!?

But you’re gonna say: “Aaron, Hank’s dead.” Really? Is he really dead? Remember — we never saw where Hank got at. They never showed what area “Uncle Jack” shot him. All we heard was the loud gun shot.

Walter White will go back to kill Jack and his crew. Don’t you think Walter needs another person beside him to kills those men? He can’t do it all by himself. Unless Jesse Pinkman escapes and helps Walter.

If Hank does return, it could be him, Walter and Jesse, trying to kill Jack and his guys.

But if Hank doesn’t come back and stay dead, it could be exciting to see Walter kill all those guys, one by one.

Walter does return to get the ricin; the picture above is the actual scene where he returns to get the ricin. Which makes me believe he’ll insert in Jake’s cigarette — possibly?

Waltz is, sorta, gonna save Jesse. That’s what it looks like. I know he doesn’t care about Jesse, or doesn’t even know if he’s alive or not, but he could help Jesse escape — or save him.

PREDICTING THE ENDING: I’m expecting a somewhat poetic ending.

I don’t have the best idea to end it — but if I were to think one out quickly, and to make it poetic, I would end it this way:

Let’s say Walter kills Jack and his pack; Jesse dies from a gun due to the shootout. Now Walter gets the $80 million back, then drives to his families’ home — or where ever they’re staying at — to leave them the money.
The family — Skyler, Walter.Jr and Maria — sees Walter appear in their home and they go crazy; screaming at him to leave. Walter tries to make peace, by bringing in the barrels of money in the house. Then, all of sudden, Walter begins to cough. Begins a coughing attack that can’t be stopped. He stops coughing — and takes one big inhale, keels to the ground, and dies right next to the barrels. Making an end say, without words, that Walter simply did this for his family. An image of Walter on the floor, dead, leaving barrels of money to his family — the way he wanted to go.
The family watch Walt passing away, then have a look of, somewhat, guilt. Finally realizing that he was doing this all for them.

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