Breaking Bad Fallout: Episode 10

May have been a dry episode, but things are about to pick up.

On episode 10 of the final season of “Breaking Bad”, we might have found out some key things that could happen in the last remaining episodes.

TWO DETAILS YOU NEED TO BE AWARE OF: Hank’s life & Lydia’s revenge toward Walter

Hank’s Life: He could get murdered. Hank is the only person who knows about this. Skyler knows but is’n going to say anything, and Hank’s wife Marie knows, but won’t believed by anyone. If something happens to Hank, and Maria says something to the cops about Walter, she won’t have any evidence.

Hank hasn’t told anyone in the enforcement about his brother-in-law. So, only Maria is the only person who knows, that will speak up; without any hesitation.

Or, could Maria’s life be in danger? Something to think about..

Hank probably won’t die. Because they need the main ‘good guy’ to be alive, to go against the main ‘bad guy’ in Walter White. If Hank dies, that leaves too much leverage to Walter.

Lydia: Like Maria, Lydia will rat on Walter. After Walter turned down Lydia that time she stopped at the car wash, then Skyler scolded at her to leave and never comeback, may have ended their business relationship; and maybe have Lydia seeking for revenge, soon.

She might make a deal with Hank and the D.E.A, to speak up.

Prediction For Episode 11: Lydia dies. Walter finds a way to kill her — something Mike wanted done, a long time ago.

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