Yankees Fallout: NEW YORK NIX!

They’re on a roll!

The New York Yankees ‘WALK IT OFF’ in the ninth against the Toronto Blue Jays, and sweep the double-header.

Big game for Jayson Nix; hitting a game-tying, two-out solo homerun in the 7th inning off Mark Buehrle — who was spotless through the nigh — then hits the walk-off rbi single in the ninth to win the game for the Yankees.

Yankees should be grateful to have a solid player like Nix. You know how many teams who are in certified playoff positions would love to have him on the bench… He just does the little things well. Everyone needs a Nix on their team.

Before today, I said a that this double-header was a must win for the Yankees. I didn’t even want a split. They had to take two from a team like this, and in the position the Yankees are in, every game is crucial. Two wins in one is huge, for the Yankees who are still in the hunt for October.


Phil Hughes pitched well. Allowed 2 runs in six innings pitches.

I thought his breaking stuff, was a lot better. Hughes’ curveball and slider had tight spin, to go along with his 95-mph fastball.

Robinson Cano is getting hot; and getting hot at the right time.

Mariano Rivera looked very sharp. After blowing those back-to-back saves against the Detroit Tigers, there was some worry about The Sandman, but all looks good as he was popping 93-mph of his cutter with good location.

And the number one positive … The Yankees are on a winning rhythm. They’re starting to get into that swagger of winning everyday, again. Before I think they didn’t know where they stood, or what kind of team they are. Now they do.

It’s August 21st. If the Yankees continue to play on this paste toward the end of the season, they will see October.

Most fans think it’s Wild Card or bust — not anymore. The Yankees, in my view, have a better shot at the American League East, than the A.L Wild Card. Reason why I think that way is because the Yankees see the Boston Red Sox, Baltimore Orioles, Tampa Bay Rays twenty more times before the end of the season. That is a LOT. And the Oakland Athletics who lead the second Wild Card have a way easier schedule, than the Yankees.

So really, us Yankee fans can start talking about the East. Not farfetched, since the Yankees, kinda, control their own destiny in these final games.

There’s something special going on with this team. They look too good right now, not to be in October.

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