Air Jordan Fall Releasing: Start Your Saving, NOW!

Unless, you already have a job and you don’t need to save.

But for us who don’t, gotta to start saving for these joints that will release in the holiday of this year; source coming from

Air Jordan X – “Steel”
Releasing: October 12th

Air Jordan 1 – Black/Red
Releasing: November 21th

Air Jordan 12 Retro – “Taxi”
Releasing: December 14th

Other Air Jordans will be releasing in the holiday of 2013, but this three pairs, are no question, the main pairs that will have every sneaker-head impatiently waiting for.

My eyes are on the Jordan 1 black/red, since missing on the “Shadows” that were released last month. But then, I get the news on the Jordan 12 “Taxi” are coming out around the same time, which I’ve been wanting a pair ever since I saw J.R Smith wear them at a game this past season.

I would love to get the Jordan X, but I’m going to pass on them.

Still thinking about the Jordan 12’s.

Jordan 1’s, YES, YES, YES. Though they’re gonna tough as hell to get.

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