Breaking Bad Fallout

I had this image in my mind that in the final episode of Breaking Bad, we’d see Jesse crying on the side of Walter’s death bed, telling him how much of influence he was to him and father figure… Not anymore. Seems like Jesse has join the ‘I Hope Walter Dies’ club.

Jesse: Before I get to the whole Walter and Hank situation, what’s going on with Jesse? I don’t what specific role he will have in these final episodes. He seems very distant from the Walter-Hank issue. Although, you’d have to think he will soon be part of it.

It’s obvious Jesse wants no part of the business and wants no relationship with Walter. It’s almost like he really wants to change his life.

If Jesse is asked to testify, or is given a deal by the D.E.A to speak about Walter, will he do it? That’s gonna be tough for him to do. Walter has been there for Jesse this whole time; always played ‘father’ to Jesse when he was in his lowest days. Walter has always been there for Jesse. So it’s going to be interesting to see what side he chooses.

Hank confesses to Walter: Hank is in a tough situation, as well. If he tells the truth, he pretty much ruins the family. But that’s not his fault.

The whole scene was intense. When the garage door closed with a daunting sound, I thought they were going to end it right there, and we would have to wait t’ll next week to see what was going to happen.

Dean Norris, who plays “Hank”, was sensational in that ending. He was excellent at playing a man who was confused, hurt and very angry, and embarrassed, for what his brother-law has been doing this whole time and making him look as top agent in the drug enforcement.

It’s amazing how bad Walter has become (lol). I’ve never watched a t.v series where the main character is the bad one, or the one we’re suppose to root against. I want to take Hank’s side, because it’s the right thing to do and he’s really great guy, but I’m sure every young Breaking Bad fan wants to see Walter live on this badass journey.

Hair-Headed Walter: Those clips of Walter with hair (and thankfully updated glasses), seems to be a time years later. Also, it seems like Walter escaped for a very long time, as he says “hello” to his neighbor “Carol” you was shocked and terrified to see Walter.

I don’t know if we’re gonna skip to that time, or are we going head into that time with that new look Walter. And why those he go back this old house to find the ricin? Who is that for? Lots of questions that need to be answered. I’m hoping for a iconic ending.

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