2013 MLB Wild Card Predictions

With the All-Star Game over, it is now time to focus on the second half — and October…

The Wild Card is now very relevant in the MLB, with the one-game playoff being inserted last year. Lots of teams have a chance to get in.

The one-game playoff is probably the worst and the best thing. Because if your team wins, you feel accomplished, and have the confidence to really go far in October. But if you lose, that hard work of 162 games go to waste. It’s not like the NFL, where you only play 16 games.

That’t why I DON’T want to see my Yankees be in one. But if we have to, we have to.

So lets begin.

N.L Wild Card Prediction:

I see a red N.L One-Game Wild Card.

St. Louis Cardinals won’t win the division, the Pittsburgh Pirates will; it’s their year to finally make the playoffs, I feel; they’re hungry, young team. And the Cardinals, I think, will win the one of the spots for the Wild Card.

Second Wild Card team I have is the Washington Nationals. I believe they have a run in them. They’re due. Nationals have too much pitching to not make a run in the second half. If they don’t make the playoffs or the wild card, they’ll miss it by a game.

I just don’t see the L.A Dodgers making the playoffs. They have a lot of talent obviously, but not the chemistry.

A.L Wild Card Prediction:

No, no this doesn’t mean the Yankees will miss the playoffs — I think they will win the A.L East.

The Boston Red Sox are gonna come back to earth; I could easily say they could miss the postseason all together, but I won’t, and say they’ll make the wild card. Though, they could fall apart in the second half, because of the fact they don’t have anyone on the team; they aren’t suppose to be in this position.

Baltimore Orioles will stay consistent; although, they need to acquire a front line pitcher. That could be Matt Garza or someone else.

I don’t see the Tampa Bay Rays playing this well throughout the season; I know their pitching is great, but their offense isn’t enough to hold.

Texas Rangers are gonna see a starting pitcher. If they don’t, I don’t see them making much of a run.

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