Buying Air Jordans Today, are Impossible

Am I sour because I didn’t get my pair Air Jordan 1 Shadows, which I was longly anticipated, for weeks? YES! And would I’ve posted this column if I did successfully ordered them? NO! 😀

But this post isn’t necessarily about me being upset that I didn’t get the Shadows, it’s honestly about how difficult it was to order them.

I haven’t bought a pair of Air Jordans for years. Last pair I bought were the Jordan IV cool grey, that were released in 2004. So it was a long time coming.

Though the Jordan 1’s OG, were a pair I’ve been dying to get. Never had a shot at the royals, so I had my eyes on the Shadows. I just like the vintage style on these more, than any other Jordans.

I woke up early this morning. Had and other sites already set up and ready, for 8:00 am, which was the time they hit stock. Because I knew the newly released, retail price Jordans sell like hot cakes.

So at the last minute (and this could’ve been problem; maybe not) I decided to have the Nike twitter page setup, instead of being on my user page. I wanted to get the tweet quickly as possible, when Nike tweets the direct link to the Jordan 1 page so I can order quickly. It was 8:01 and they still didn’t tweet the link. I then go back to my user TL and saw the link on there. I wasted a full minute, which probably was the reason I wasn’t successful at getting them.

Of course, I clicked the link asap. Clicked my size. Clicked checkout. Then it told me to “wait my turn”. I did, then, it told me my size was out of stock. That fast. One size sold out in ONE MINUTE.

Then I go on, who were selling the Air Jordan 1’s at 2:00 pm — which wass better. Once 2:00 pm struck, clicked my size, waited, then…I got to my cart. Now I’m thinking: ‘Oh shit, I’m gonna get them’. I clicked checkout, waited…then…the page didn’t want to load. Because my size sold out, yet again. I had them in MY CART…then someone decided to take them away from me…lol. My luck, folks.

End Clothing sold out my size in seven minutes. Not even enough time to inhale and exhale…

In this generation it’s become impossible to order a retail price, newly released Jordans. And I can get them right now — but, instead of paying the retail price of $140.00, I now have to pay $250.00. Which will not happen.

Ten-nine years ago, they were still difficult to get in stores, though easier to get on the internet. Now it’s the other way around. I think it’s easier to get them at stores, then on the internet. In 2003, I waited in line for the Jordan 8’s at NikeTown, but could’ve gotten them over the internet at any time. Getting Jordans on the the internet today is…impossible. Unless you don’t have a problem of $290, for them.

Why Do Jordans Sell So Quickly?: One reason would be because people want them for a cheap price. Secondly, it has to do a lot with the kids, or guys and site owners; or even the ones who have accounts on Ebay — would buy about three pairs. They order so many pairs, so that they can sell each pair from the price range of $280.00-300.00. They can buy two pairs for $280 in retail, and potentially make a profit of $600.00.

If you missed out on a pair, like me, and you desperately want a pair, you’d have to pay about $250-280.00 on other online stores, like in That’s the price for the Jordan 1 Shadows, now. They can restock in retail sites, but from what I heard, these sound very limited. But you never know.

It’s become insane pricing for Air Jordans, now. Back then, one pair would come out each month. Now it’s two pairs a month.

The prices will not change. The more people run to them on the FIRST DAY, to more the price will rise.

Some of us missed out on the Shadows, but hey, look at the bright side — the Jordan 1’s Black/Varsity Red will release this holiday.

They sure better looking and will release around Christmas — which means, they’ll be even harder to get, lol. But I will try my best to get these. If not, I’M DONE! Hear that Michael!? I’M DONE!

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