Yankees: Trading Hughes to call Pineda up

Fox Sports, Ken Rosenthal is reporting that the New York Yankees are “aggressively” pushing to trade starting pitcher Phil Hughes and reliever Joba Chamberlain. Also a deal that would send Chamberlain to a National League team can come as soon as possible.

The Yankees forcing to trade Hughes could be wanting to replace him with Michael Pineda in the rotation. Pineda is rehabbing in the minors and maybe ready to come up to the majors.

But I don’t know where the Yankees would trade both Hughes and Chamberlain to, when they’re on the last year of their contract. The one team and player I can see getting traded for one of these guys, is to the Philadelphia Phillies for Carlos Ruiz.

The Phillies have stated today that they’ll become “buyers” instead of sellers, as we expected them to be. But trading Ruiz wouldn’t exactly mean the Phillies are sellers. It’s just trading expiring contracts.

The Yankees can’t get anything major for these guys.

Another trade idea would be, either Hughes or Chamberlain to the Los Angeles Angels for catcher Chris Iannetta. Angels need pitching and the Yankees need a catcher who can hit a little.

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