Bargnani to the Knicks: What’s Next?

When the New York Knicks acquired Andrea Bargnani from the Toronto Raptors, I was very happy with the trade, but I also thought about Tyson Chandler — could he be on the move.

I’m on the positive side on the Bargnani trade. I thought it was a genius move by the Knicks. Gave up hardly anything for him. Bargnani could be a pleasant surprise. He can shoot and is a finisher in the paint. Knicks needed a player who doesn’t rely on the three-point shot. Bargnani, in a close game in the fourth quarter, can make a big layup or dunk. And playing along side with Carmelo Anthony, he’ll get a lot of open shots.

Getting a power forward shouldn’t, really, make you believe Chandler could be traded. Although, I do believe, the teams that want Dwight Howard and lose out on him, will be calling the Knicks for Chandler.

A team like the Golden State Warriors could be interested in Chandler. Even the Los Angeles Lakers could be interested if Howard goes else where.

The only way the Knicks can get themselves another star player, or another scorer behind Anthony — is by trade, or if they trade Chandler to free up cap space to get someone in the free agent market. Ala, Monta Ells.

The Knicks are trying to make another move for another scorer. I think they’ll re-sign J.R Smith, but you can’t rely on him to be second scorer on this team anymore — and the Knicks know that. I want Smith on this team; he saved our season last year, no doubt — but the Knicks can’t rely on him repeating his sixth man of the year type-season, all over again.

What The Knicks Need: A speedy point-guard. If they could’ve gotten their hands on Drew Bledsoe, that would’ve made a big different on this team. It would’ve made this Knick team very balanced. But, they lost out on him as Bledsoe was traded yesterday to the Phoenix Sun in a three-team trade.

Monta Ells is a PG the Knicks would love to get, but they have no cap room. He’s another player that could make a difference.

Nate Robinson would be great; what he showed last season with the Chicago Bulls, showed me he’s a changed player. But, again, I don’t know if the Knicks have enough money to sign him

Rajon Rondo is the piece the Knicks need to be championship caliber team. He would facilitate and quarterback the Knicks. It’s almost impossible for the Knicks to even ponder the thought of Rondo in a Knick uniform next season, but next off-season he’ll be a free agent. That’s when it becomes very possible.

You can see the Knicks live with Raymond Felton another year and sign bunch of veterans and role players, until next year when Rondo is free agent.

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