Yankees: Trade Deadline Options

Brian Cashman are you feeling lucky!? Do you want to play safe? Or, do you want to loosen the tie a bit, and get Morneau, Cuddyer and Headley all at the same time! 😀

New Yankees GM Brian Cashman has got some work to do. Don’t have to worry about shortstop, with Derek Jeter coming back. The pitching looks okay, but a Matt Garza and Cliff Lee could help the pitching staff — though I don’t see it happening.

But with Kevin Youkilis and Mark Teixeira out for the season, Yankees, not only need offense, they need right-handed power. Unless you have a last name like Morneau, it’s okay not to be right-handed.

Alex Rios:

11 HR 

35 RBI

.276 AVG 

I don’t know if the Yankees will be looking into acquiring an outfielder, but if Vernon Wells is going to struggle like he has, they’re gonna have to give the Chicago White Sox a call about Rios.

Ichiro Suzuki is playing well, but can’t play everyday because of his age. Brett Gardner is having a great season, though, you lean on him to consistent. And Curtis Granderson is long ways away from coming back from D.L.

Rios can be a player for this season and next. With Granderson becoming a free agent and Suzuki getting older, Yankees are gonna need out fielders.

Chris Carter:

15 HR

40 RBI

.231 AVG

A 26-year old power hitting right-hander is what the Yankees should be aiming at. Though…how much will Carter cost them if they decide to call the Houston Astros.

I hear Carter’s names thrown out their a lot, as a potential first baseman for the Yankees. But I don’t know if the Astros are willing to give him up that easily. The positive is the Yankees and Astros are good trading partners. So they can be able to work out a deal for Carter. Just might have to give up to get.

Carlos Ruiz:

0 HR 

4 RBI 

.269 AVG

Don’t let the numbers fool you, Ruiz was on the D.L and can hit.

Yankees could use a starting catcher. And since Ruiz is a free agent after this year, Yankees can get him for a reasonable price.

But it all depends on if the Philadelphia Phillies will stay in the pennant race. If they’re still in it in July, Ruiz might not be available. If not, Yankees can get him.

Remember: Yankees and Phillies are good trading partners.

Michael Young:

4 HR

19 RBI

.280 AVG

From one Philly to another.

How apropos that Alex Rodriguez place could be taken by his — real life — best friend, Michael Young.

He’s what the Yankees need. A veteran player, whose right-handed and can play third base. Something the Yankees are looking for.

I could really see this happening if (like I said about Ruiz) the Phillies are out of the pennant race come late July. If so, Yankees have a real good shot at getting Young.

You could see a package where the Yankees get Ruiz and Young. Could happen.

Alfonso Soriano:

7 HR

30 RBI

.245 AVG

They can basically get him for nothing. Yankees can get Soriano right now, if they wanted to. All they have to do is pick up the phone and call the Cubs and tell them they’re picking his full contract.

Though… I don’t, quite, see that happening.

Soriano still has pop, but 7 homers isn’t enough for the Yankees to pick up that big contract.

Chase Headley:

6 HR

25 RBI 

.224 AVG

The guy I want at third for my New York Yankees — Chase Headley.

Would love Headley at third but it’s gonna be hard to get.

Also, it all depends if the San Diego Padres are ready to deal Headley. They don’t have to trade him this year. But the Padres know they can get a lot for him now, then gamble on trading him next season if he has an off-year or a devastating injury. 

A 28-year old, switching-hitting third baseman who can hit 30-homers, is something Cashman must be drooling about. The Yankees long history is about having great power-hitting. switch-hitters.

I want Headley here, BAD! But the Yankees are gonna have to cough up prospects for him. Though, can he help the Yankees? Oh YES, he can.

Michael Cuddyer:

13 HR

45 RBI

.351 AVG

Can play third and the outfield, and he’s a right-handed bat … You don’t think the Yankees are montering Cuddyer right now?

If the Yankees can acquire Cuddyer, that’ll be hitting two birds with one stone. You get power in the outfield and infield.

Cuddyer is batting .351, this season. Now mind you, he’s playing in Coors Field. But .351 is .351.

The Rockies will ask a lot, for Cuddyer. The question is, will the Yankees gamble.

Justin Morneau:

3 HR

43 RBI

.284 AVG

I want this guy. I’ve wanted this guy since day Mike Francesa
brought him to possibly play first base for the Yankees.

Morneau is a free agent next season, so the Yankees should be interested in acquiring him.

Morneau is having a weird year. He’s batting .284, but with only 3 homers and he’s got 43 runs batted in. A lot of ribbies, but hardly any homers.

Although, a great player like this can get hot and can start hitting a bevy of homers. This is a player who loved to hit a Yankee Stadium. Those 3 homers can increase to 25 if he comes to the Bronx.

I understand Lyle Overbay is playing well at first and has more homers than Morneau — though, I just think that, when you lose a player like Teixeira for the season, Morneau should be an option if available.

Morneau, if traded to the Yankees, can grow a like to Yankee Stadium, and could return to the Yankees next season since he’s a free agent. With Teixeira back next season, you can put Morneau at DH.

Yankees need Morneau. They can just acquire him only and he’ll make the lineup ten-times dangerous. He’s a presence. He’s not right-handed, but he’s Justin Morneau.

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