Ladies and gents, watch out for the Brooklyn Nets next season.

First, it was the Nets being interested in Kevin Garnett. Then I was saying to myself: ‘Oh…not bad. Just what they.’

Then, today, the Nets were, not just close to acquiring Garnett, but also close to acquiring Paul Pierce. Then I said: ‘…Oh shit.’

NOW — just now — the Nets are also getting Jason Terry. At the moment I’m saying: ‘Get the fuck outta here.’

I mean, what’s next? Rajon Rondo?

In the middle of the season, I made a post about how the Nets should acquire Paul Pierce. He’s that perfect second — or third — scorer they need, as well as his veteranship. I though the Nets this season lacked identity and veteran players; they need that older player to preach and to get into the younger players faces. They didn’t have that. Nets had no leadership this past season. But, they don’t get one, not two, but three veteran players. Veterans who can still ball, too.

It’s almost too perfect. Pierce can still shoot and can still be dangerously clutch, but also have Joe Johnson under his wing. Then, you have Jason Terry to give Deron Williams a few pointers at point-guard. And lastly, you have Garnett being a big brother to Brook Lopez.

If you’re Jason Kidd right now, you must be loving life. He retires, didn’t have to sniff a day of being an assistant coach, and now he gets to coach Williams, Lopez, Johnson, Pierce, Garnett and Terry — not bad.

The Barclays Center is going to be bumpin’, next season. Acquiring these three players is smart from a winning standpoint, and definitely from a business view.

I’m a New York Knicks fan. And I didn’t watch the Nets season hardly. But they sure as hell got my attention. Again, I’m a Knicks blood. Though I will turn to the YES channel to take a look.

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