NBA Trade Idea: Howard to Miami for Bosh?

ESPN’s Chris Broussard is reporting that Dwight Howard will NOT re-sign with the Los Angeles Lakers. Sources close to him have confirmed that. Reports say Howard does “not like” the Mike D’Antoni system.

Okay — so now to my idea. How about a sing-and-trade between the L.A Lakers and Miami Heat, involving Howard going to Miami, and Chris Bosh going to L.A.

This would be a perfect way for the Heat to get younger and build for the future. With the suspicion of LeBron James, possibly, opting out of his contract next year because he isn’t sure the organization is headed, the Heat can acquire Howard to show James that Miami will still compete for championships in the future.

Also, how can James not stay in Miami with Howard playing there — knowing how absolutely dominate they can become. It would more certainly be the next ‘Kobe and Shaq’.

Bosh to the Lakers, I believe, will help the Lakers better. They’ll become more versatile and athletic in the paint. Can Bosh work in the D’Antoni system? I think he can. He’ll become a better offense player than he was in Miami, but in the defense side…I don’t know.

Bosh and Kobe Bryant could work well together. Not to mention that they have a great relationship off the court.

And like Miami, L.A gets younger by acquiring Bosh.

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