SNL: Bill Hader, Seth Meyers leaving

Major shakeups for next season’s Saturday Night Live already taking place, with Seth Meyers taking Jimmy Fallon’s “Late Night Show” spot next year, when Fallon takes Jay Leno’s spot, and with yesterday’s shocking news that Bill Hader, one of SNL’s top stars, is also leaving.

Boy, this weekend’s season finale, like last season, might be another tearjerker.

Seems like once Hader found out Meyers was officially leaving, Hader didn’t want to be a part of a Meyers-less SNL. Remember, Meyers is the head writer — that’s a big deal. Maybe Hader didn’t want to be part of whoever was going take over the head writer spot.

Or, Hader could have felt it was just his time to go.

It’s gonna be tough not seeing Hader do “Stephon” or be part of the “Californians” skit. He’s been a significant cast member for past eight years. And integral part of our lives.

Can’t really imagine an SNL show without Bill Hader.

Though, Hader leaving, gives others a chance at the spotlight. Like, Jay Pharoah, Tim Robinson. Pharoah and Robinson are very talented; Robinson was great in that “Double Date” skit.

Who Becomes The Next Anchor For “Weekend Update”: 

With Meyers leaving, we’ll have no “Weekend Upate” anchor. Who should it be?

Should there be two anchors? Or just one? In my opinion, might have to go with two. Two new anchors, who’ve never done Weekend Updates, would seem better than just one cast member whose never done it.

Also, it’s gonna be someone who isn’t a front star — the weekend update anchor doesn’t do skits. Someone like Taran Killam won’t be an anchor — he’s a frontline star. It’s gonna be one of the new cast from this season, or a veteran who doesn’t get much skits as they use to.

I wonder if Jason Sudeikis do it? Probably not. He probably won’t. But he’d fit for it. He’s got the sarcastic ‘thing’ that past anchors has had.

Some fans like Cecily Strong to do it; and she’d be good at it, too. Really good. But like I said, Weekend Update anchors don’t do many skits. And Strong is an integral part of the whole show; and I don’t want her missing skits. Though, she could get it. She’s loud, very clear and can appeal with those deadly eyes. I see her like I see Tina Fey, when she was an anchor.

Fred Armisen is not gonna be an anchor. Too valuable to the sketches. And, he’s probably going to leave after next season.

I could see Vanessa Bayer doing it. She’s got a cute smile that would fit for the straight face camera. But her comedy style wise, probably not.

Jay Pharoah? You know what…I can see this happening. He’d even be the first black Weekend Update anchor.

Aidy Bryant, I can definitely see. She’d be cute for it.

Nasim Pedrad? Not really. I view her the same way I view Armisen. Too important for skits.

Prediction: I’m gonna say, Aidy Bryant and Jay Pharoah will be the two new anchors for next season. I can see them having good chemistry and energy.

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