Knicks Fallout: It’s Not Over!

This was my actions after the game …

Now the question will be: Can the Knicks come back from a 3-1 deficit?

They’re gonna have to. If not, all that work they did, to start off the season with an undefeated, and to fight at the end of the season to keep that second seed, will be thrown all away.


I still think the Knicks have a chance of this series. I do. Some fans want to already give up and wave the white flag. It’s not impossible. But the Knicks have to show some heart and grit. This is where they have to come together and play as one.

If you compare the Knicks mentally to the Indiana Pacers, or the makeup, it’s totally different. The Pacers have one mode — go. Indiana is pressing the pedal and driving right through the Knicks. Nothing is holding them back. Meanwhile, when you look at the Knicks, it’s complaining, with lots of stagnant plays.

The Knicks can win Game 5 at home. But it’s a question mark whether they can win on Game 6 at Indiana. Well, let’s put it this way, they’ve lost all games at Indiana this year. And they’ve played horrible in almost all of them. You’d have to think New York is due to get a big win at Indiana, at some point, right?

It’s not impossible for the Knicks to take this series to Game 7. They have the players to do it. All it matters is, if they want to. New York has to find that heart and grit to do it. Put the bullshit away, and focus on winning.

If the Knicks lose this series, fine, whatever; it’s gonna suck, but it is what it is. Although, if the Knicks are gonna lose, lose going down with a fight. Lose by leaving the Pacers breathless. This is probably they’re only chance to get close to anything ever again. Might as well go out by giving your best. Because at this point, that’s all they can do.

It’s not over. Especially when you have a Game 7 at home. All it matters if the Knicks think it’s over.

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