April 27, 2013

The New York Knickerbockers have their eyes on the prize, as they defeat the Boston Celtics 90-76, and take a commanding 3-0 series lead.

The one player on the Knicks that I thought gave a sense of urgency to win this Game 3 last night, was Pablo Prigioni. Prigioni, I felt, made the Knicks want it more with his hustle plays. He gave an energy to the attire team; with hustle, steals and peskiness. Prigioni was a pain in the ass for the Celtics to deal with.

Prigioni, whose not much of a scorer, but is a very good three-pointer shooter; made a couple of threes in the first half to put the Knicks ahead early. He pretty jump started the Knicks last night.

Knicks Defense: Sensational. The Knicks were on top of every Celtic mistake offensively and cause a lot big turnovers that were deflating for the Celtics. They made Paul Pierce have to rush shots, or pressure him to make big shots.

And in Game 4, the Knicks have to play with that same intense, suffocating defense. They can’t go out there tomorrow afternoon and feel like this game is “housemoney”; and I think they know that. They need to nip it in the butt.

Can the Knicks sweep the Celtics tomorrow at 1:00 PM on ABC, at Boston. Let’s just hope J.R Smith gets to play.

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