Knicks Fans: This Spring Will Feel Different

After last night’s 13th straight win, the New York Knicks are Atlantic Division Champions; first time since 1993-94 season.

That being said, the Knicks only have five games left to the season. And after that, it’s PLAYOFF TIME! … Something us Knick fans haven’t been a custom to, in a long while.

Last time us Knick fans witness a long playoff run was in the year 2000 — a decade ago.’

Since 2000, the only postseason we’re use to seeing are the Yankees playing in October. And some New York Giants; who’ve been very successful for winning two Super Bowls in the past five years.

The last two playoff series the Knicks had, we weren’t expecting much since they were a low seed team, and we knew they weren’t any good; or good enough to beat the Boston Celtics in 2011 and Miami Heat in 2012. Though, this year will be different. The Knickerbockers will enter this year’s playoffs as an elite team, with expectations.

We’ve been waiting for a season like this. Especially this generations Knick fans — like me — who never got to see the early 90’s Knick teams in the playoffs, because they were so young… Maybe some remember; I don’t know…

This spring will feel different for all us Knick fans. I’ve watched many stressful New York Yankee playoff games that had me in the edge of my seat, but an NBA playoff game is gonna be a lot different; and probably more stressful because of the time clock in a basketball game. I remember going nuts in the first two games of the Boston series 2011.

It’s gonna be tough if you’re a Yankee or Met fan and a Knick fan in April, because you can’t miss not one second of the Knicks playoff run. Gonna have to sacrifice some baseball games.

It’s great to finally root for my cities’ basketball team in the playoffs. All these years while the Knicks weren’t in the playoffs, I had to root for teams like the Sacramento Kings and the Boston Celtics in the early 2000’s. It sucked! I wanted to root for New York, damn it! Now we finally get to.

And don’t forget the Brooklyn Nets. They’re gonna be in the playoffs and will add to the hype in NYC.  Especially if the Nets and Knicks meet in the semi-finals, which will be off the charts.

Come April 20th, next weekend, when the NBA Playoffs begin, New York City is going to be bumpin’ with bars filled, and family-houses screaming and cursing… It’s gonna feel different, but this town is ready for some playoff basketball. LET’S GO KNICKS!

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