Yankees Fallout: 1 – 4 Start

Yankees Lose 8-4 To The Tigers

Thankfully, in these five games we know for sure the offense can hit. It has power. Now we just need to figure out the pitching.

And hey, the Yankees lost a clean game; if there’s such a thing as losing a ‘clean game’.

Phil Hughes didn’t pitch that bad; he went 4.0 inning, allowed 3 earned runs. Just got in trouble in the 5th inning when he allowed hits to Austin Jackson and Tori Hunter. Can’t do that. When the Yankee pitchers gave hits for Jackson and Hunter, it was trouble — because you knew they weren’t getting out Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder.

The Yankee pitching got burned when they didn’t get Hunter and Jackson out. When the Yankee bats came alive in the top 6th and cut the deficit from 5-1 to 5-4, then in the beginning of the bottom 6th allowed hit to Hunter and Jackson, I knew the Tigers were going to add on. After that bottom 6th the score went from 5-4 to 7-4.

Yankees didn’t get the big outs. Just like yesterday’s game.

I’m starting not to worry about the bats that are on the D.L — because I know they’re gonna comeback and our offense is not that bad right now. It’s the pitching. And I’m surprised no one has mentioned much about Michael Pineda. He’s expected to return in June from his off-season Tommy John surgery, and I hope he does. Yankees could use another big arm in the rotation and Pineda would sweet if he came back healthy.

People forget to realize that Pineda has expectations. Yankees traded for their “top prospect” for him. This isn’t a pitcher who designated for assignment. He’s suppose to be a no.2 pitcher.

Yankees need Pineda to pitch for them this year, and, the future.

Gardner Could Lose His Job, Once Granderson Returns:

Brett Gardner is gonna lose his job if he doesn’t start hitting, or getting on base to steal. Yea, he did hit a homerun on Friday night, but that’s gonna happen all the time. And today and yesterday, Brennan Boesch has looked really good in the plate — he’s hit the ball very hard in these past two games and almost had homerun today. If Gardner keeps this up by the time Granderson returns, he could lose a lot playing time.

If Gardner is not getting on base and stealing, he becomes useless; especially with the bats we have out now.

Yankees Now 1 – 4:

Obviously you don’t want have this type of start, and looks bad with the big Yankee bats out, but it’s really not that bad. Yankees just need to find a way to win tomorrow with C.C Sabathia on the mound. It’s gonna be tough with Justin Verlander on the mound, though I believe in the Yankee bats. But Sabathia has got to do his thing — if he does, Yankees will win.

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