Yankees Fallout: VINTAGE WIN

Yankees Win First Game of 2013, 4-2

As my favorite radio host, Mike Francesa, would say it: “Pettitte to Mo — bink, bink”

I’m not sure if I’m gonna do consistant Yankee Fallouts, so don’t expect to see one every night. I love to do it every night, just like I would love to do my Knicks Fallout, but I’m a one-man recking crew on Read Paint, and I have spread the genras of things to talk about. But I will do playoff Knicks and Yankees fallouts.

Now — to the game.

Big win; much needed win since the Yankees have a long road trip ahead. It would’ve been tough for the Yankees to go winless in this series, then go to Detroit and Cleveland for seven games straight, with no days off.

Andy Pettitte: What can I say? He was typical Andy Pettitte, tonight. I think everyone is just ‘wowed’ on how good he still is at this age; and how dominant he still can be. People forget — Pettitte is not suppose to be pitching. He retired in 2010. And now to comeback and be a very, very important part of this pitching staff. When he retired in that 2010 off-season, Yankees went hard after Cliff Lee, who was a free agent that year, to replace Lee with Pettitte.

Pettitte looks better than ever, in my view. What stands out to me in his enhancement is the curveball. That pitch use to be a “get-me-over” pitch for him, a few years ago. Now he uses it as out pitch. It’s a lot sharper, with heavy 11-to-5 break. Pettitte’s cutter seems sharper because of that curve — it adds more velocity and late swings to the batters.

Brett Gardner: A homerun!? Brett Gardner?!

Last couple of days I’ve noticed how Gardner has going a little too much in the plate. His bat was looking a little to long, like if he was trying to use that short-porch. And tonight it worked. But he shouldn’t be doing that. Gardner needs to stick his plate disciplinent. He’s not a power hitter.

Though, he did hit a homer and it helped the Yankees win.

Lyle Overbay: A big two-run single for Overbay. You can tell he was going to do something productive in that spot, after yesterday’s disappointing game he has with runners in scoring position.

I expect more big hits from Overbay, while Teixeira is out.

Francisco Cervelli: Big solo homerun in the bottom 8th to give the Yankees breathing room.

I’m very high on Cervelli this season. He wants to be the permanent Yankee catcher — and I have no problem with that. Cervelli brings so much energy at the plate and behind it. And he will hit.

Mariano Rivera: The beginning of the end.

Rivera gets his first save of 2013.

Us Yankee and baseball fans have to soak in every moment when Mariano Rivera is on the mound. Because you’ll never see one like it again.

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