Yankees: Chein-Ming Wang is Back!

The man that was known
— to me — to rejuvenate the Yankees in 2005, is coming back to redeem his career.

Chein-Ming Wang signs a minor league contract with the New York Yankees.

There was lots of talks about the Yankees signing Wang for weeks. So this wasn’t much surprise to Yankee fans.

What to Expect from Wang: He’s not gonna be the 2005, 06, 07 Wang, who won 19-games in back-to-back seasons. If he is, the Yankees are gonna have a great rotation this year. Wang was the Yankees ace, in that time. But I doubt his stuff will be that good. I saw him pitching the World Baseball Classic, and even though he did pitch well, his fastball-sinker was around 85-mph — I don’t know he can get that by American League bats. Hopefully it was because his arm wasn’t in season form yet.

The signing can’t hurt the Yankees. It’s extra pitching. There’s never too much pitching. And who knows, Wang could surprise us.

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