Knicks Fallout: FOUR & FOURTEEN TO GO

Knicks Distinct Raptors, 110-84.

You know why the Knicks have looked good in that past two games? They’re distributing the ball, again. They’re getting back to that ball movement, like they were in the beginning of the season; and it was the reason why they got off to that hot start.

When the Knicks got into that rut, it was because they kept giving the ball to Carmelo Anthony in every possession; they got away from the ball movement. And you see them begin the pass the ball, finding the open man and making plays. Also, if you notice, the Knicks aren’t relying so much on the three-point shot, when they begin to facilitate the ball. Moving the ball creates plays.

When Antony is on the floor, and everyone is getting touches, and they have Kenyon Martin playing spectacular basketball, the Knicks are dangerous. You begin to see the toughness and talent on this team, when that happens. They can beat you in so many different ways. And most importantly, their bench looks a lot deeper.

Adam Copeland: The bench has deepened, because of him. Copeland can off the bench, with a unit of J.R Smith, Steve Novak and Pablo Prigioni, and can be a problem for any opposing team. Not to forget when Tyson Chandler returns, Martin is going to part of that unit which will make the Knicks’ bench is even more scarier — and a pain in the ass for any team to deal with.

With Copeland’s emergence, the Knicks’ bench could be the best in the east, or can match up with the Miami Heat. Come playoffs, that’s what wins. And it’s gonna be the reason why the Knicks, might, make a run in these last 14 games.

Next Stop – Boston: The Boston Celtics are 24-10 at home. But the Knicks can beat the Celtics at home. If they focus, have their minds right, they can win this game. Especially if Kevin Garnett is still out.

If the Knicks beat the C’s on the road, they have three home games left to end the month of March. There’s a good chance the Knicks could have a eight-game winning streak to end March.

Last night the Brooklyn Nets and the Indiana Pacers lost. They distanced themselves from the Nets and pasted the Pacers and are now in the second seed. The Knicks can runaway with the second seed, if they do what they have to do in last 14 games of the season. There’s a good chance the Pacers might fall into a rut. They were hot, now they’re probably gonna cool off. Knicks can make a run in the second seed.

When the Knicks were slumping, I said on Read Paint, that it was a good thing the Knicks were cold at that time — because you knew they were going to get hot again; and better off get hot on the right time. And they’re doing that right now.

It’s right there, Knickerbockers. GO GET IT! 

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