Knicks Fallout: PLAYOFFS!

Knicks Defeat the Raptors, 99-94. 

The New York Knicks clinch a playoff berth, for the third consecutive year … How times have changed. Before 2010, the Knicks couldn’t even buy a postseason spot. Not no more. The Knicks are like the Yankees, now. Lol.

But we all expected the Knicks to be their in April. It’s all about winning the Atlantic, and trying to stay in the 3rd or 2nd seed. It’s gonna be tough with the Brooklyn Nets right behind the Knicks, but I have confidence the Knicks will make a big run. They’re due. And it’s also important to get that 2 or 3 seed, just so the Knicks — if they advance to the second round — they won’t face the Miami Heat. You want to face the Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals — not in the second round. 
Knicks looked great tonight. Sure – they let Toronto come close to tying the game, but they didn’t. They kept the lead throughout the entire night; and they looked alive, too. The Knicks looked upbeat and ready to play. I thought everyone — besides Carmelo Anthony’s slow start, but you can live with — looked great. 
Kenyon Martin: I would like to know if the Knicks sign Kenyon Martin just to keep him away from the Miami Heat, or did they really want him. Because without him tonight, Knicks probably have a hardtime winning this game. 
Martin was sensational, tonight. 9 points and 11 rebounds. 
Kenyon has, so far, fill up for Tyson Chandler, greatly. With Chandler out, how huge does the Martin signing look. Especially with Amare Stoudemire out, too. Martin can play defense and can score, a little. He’s a presence in the paint. 
When Chandler comes back — he and Martin in the playoffs can be tough to score off in the playoffs. 
Iman Shumpert: I thought Shump looked great in the first quarter. Didn’t do much stat wise, but his quickness and defense seems to be returning. He penetrated to the basket and scored a couple times, which I thought was a great sign. Like the Knicks, Iman is due. 
Pablo Prigioni: The first quarter we saw the old Prigioni; that pesky Pigioni we saw in the first half of the season. We haven’t been seeing that. 
And how about that scoop shot and the steal with the assist. I’m impressed by the scoop shot, but I was more impressed by the steal and assit to Anthony. Great moment for Priggi Smalls.

Jason Kidd: Another player whose due. Kidd was hot in the first half, then cooled off — which you can expect and accept because of his age — now getting hot again. Getting big stops and getting back his three-point range again. Great, great timing. 
Carmelo Anthony: I didn’t even know Melo had 37-points. With the slow first half, I thought he had about 25-points. 37!? Wow. Didn’t feel like it. The man can score in his sleep. 

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