The WBC is Winning; USA vs P.R Preview

The 2013 World Baseball Classic has been an absolute pleasure.

Watching last night’s USA vs Dominican Republic play, like they’re in Game 5 of a League Championship Series in October, is a beautiful thing. I feel like we fast-forward the summer and we were in October, already.

If you’re a big basketball and baseball fan, this is heaven for you. Because this time around in the NBA, there’s a lot of big games being played with teams trying to secure themselves in spots in the standings, and combine that with the WBC which is, basically a postseason, it’s a rare thing to see. Last night was a perfect example of that: After I just finished watching USA and D.R play a classic, I went straight to the Knicks-Blazers game. It was a very good sports night, last night.

The intensity in these games are simply great. USA vs D.R having a tied score all the way to the top ninth, scratching and clawing for the lead, is what every baseball fan was hoping to see, before the WBC began.

The crowd the WBC generates, gravitates you more. Sunday’s Puerto Rico vs D.R at San Juan, Puerto Rico, had a great crowd. Puerto Rico was having a fucking ball, watching that game; and they get into it, as well. They’re very passionate and grateful to watch all these stars they don’t get to see a whole lot of. And the players feed off the crowd, too.

Puerto Rico vs USA:

The winner moves on to face D.R and the loser is eliminated.

I’m gonna be very interested in this game tonight. It’s gonna be tough for him to root against a either since I was born in America, but my grandparents are from Puerto Rico. So…it’s gonna be tough for me.

But I prefer Puerto Rico to win … And if they lose, I’ll be fine with U.S.A moving on.

Also, a Puerto Rico vs Dominican Republic second pool finals is what Puerto Ricans and Dominicans in New York want to see. A USA vs D.R finals would be good too … Though, I just think P.R vs D.R would be ‘edge of your seat’ type of a game in New York City. I would love to see that.

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