Funny Newspaper Covers on Fail Banning Soda

A very funny, animated covers of the Daily News and New York Post newspaper, after Major Bloomberg’s ban for large surgery soda drinks was stopped by Judge Milton A. Tingling.

Funny…Funny stuff.

Being the huge soda drinker that I am, I don’t blame Bloomberg for trying to keep the city healthy. In New York, we have a large group minority that rely on quenching their thirst only on soda. That’s not good.

Bloomberg’s coverage to ban large soda drinks makes me wonder if soda drinks aren’t selling or making money, anymore. We don’t ban beer because it makes money. We don’t ban cigarettes because it makes money. Forget that alcohol and tobacco kills millions every year — it makes money. That’s all they care about. So if large soda drinks were making money, I don’t think Bloomberg would try to ban it. That’s why I’m skeptical to why he’s so easily to take off the market.

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