Fallon taking Leno’s Spot; Who Takes Over 12:30?

March 11, 2013

They want Leno out, again. Then whoever takes his spot and bombs, they’ll bring back…again.

But it looks like the marriage between Jay Leno and NBC will come to an end next year. And if that happens, it looks like Jimmy Fallon will take the precious 11:30-Tonight Show spot that all late-night hosts covet.

Thinking about Fallon landing on the 11:30 slot would seem too soon, don’t you think? I mean – it took Conan O’Brien, years, to get the Tonight Show; mainly because he was right behind Leno’s prime years, when O’Brien was on the 12:30 slot in New York. So it would be remarkably odd to see Fallon take that spot, so quick.

Even though it’s amazing to think that Fallon has been on for five years, already. How time flies. My goodness.

It’s gonna be sad to see Leno go. I was brought up to watch Leno first — and if he had no one interesting or a rerun, I would put on David Letterman. But Leno was number one in my household for years. My mom grew up with Johnny Carson, I grew up with Jay Leno.

If Leno would want to continue to host, and if I’m “Fox 5”, I would sign him as soon as he gets off NBC. They need a late night show. CBS, NBC, ABC and even TBS has one. Fox 5 could start Leno at 11:00 to 12:00. Or, put him on 11:30. Either one.

If, or when, Fallon moves to 11:30, I wonder if he’ll move to Los Angeles? And if he does, he better watch out. Because I think that killed O’Brien’s stardom when he moved to L.A for 11:30 spot. He didn’t fit the west coas style. Conan was so perfect in New York City, in that 12:30 slot in NBC. I use to love watching him at midnight right after Leno. He made you not want to go to sleep, even though you had to. Watching Conan at 12:30 on NBC, was like drinking coffee at midnight.

I understand Conan had to change time to take the Tonight Show, but he should’ve stood in NYC. Moving to the west coast wasn’t the right move. I mean, look at him now — he’s on TBS. Don’t mean to be offensive to TBS, but he’s been non-existent since NBC fired him. He’s not the same Conan O’Brien from New York. And he knows that.

That’s why Fallon has be careful, if he’s moving to L.A. He’s got to make sure this going to be the right decision. Though if you look at it from a different perpective, he could fit in L.A and in that west coast vibe. Or who knows he could just stay in NYC.

So who takes over Jimmy’s spot at 12:30? Because if you ask me…I got some suggestions … If you like to hear.

Howard Stern is not a suggestion of mine, but
he’s been rumored to take 12:30.

I would want Stern to take it only if he’s gonna be ‘Howard FREAKING Stern’. I don’t want the “America’s Got Talent” Stern. I want the perverted Stern. The one I use to watch as a kid in the on T.V in the early 90’s, when he’d bring in sluts and whores into his radio station.

That’s the Stern I want. But if it’s the other Stern, I DON’T WANT HIM.

How about Seth Meyers? Why not another SNL student. I think Meyers would be surprisingly good, if he has his own show. I could already see his younger brother, Josh, appearing a lot on it. He could even be his right-hand man.

Meyers is already battle tested to do his monologues on his own show. If you notice, the “Weekend Updates” he does on SNL is nearly the same as a host telling jokes in an opening monologue. Even Jimmy Fallon was a Weekend Host. Meyers would know what to do.

He failed on getting Regis Philbin’s spot with Kelly Ripa, but who cares about that. The Late Show is better.

Michelle Beadle? A female host? Breaking barriers? Why not?

Why can’t we see Beadle host the Late Show. She’s fun, funny, hot, knowings sports and she has a spicy personality.

Michelle would make history by being the first female late show host. Would NBC be ready for that? Who knows.

Hey…it’s a thought to give… 

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