Knicks Fallout: JUST HOT In Cleveland

March 3, 2013

Knicks Gutted Their Win Against the Cavs, 102-97.

:wipe sweat: …

From all that’s happened this season, from the 8-0 start, to the second half failure, to the big come from behind wins, from the heart-breaking lost — if our beloved New York Knicks can manage to stay in the second seed all the way toward the end of the season, they can get better, mentally, come playoffs.

The Knicks spoiled us in the first half of the season. But we all knew they were going to get cold. And you know what? They’re cold in the right time. As a Knick fan, I don’t want my team playing great basketball in March — because you know they’re going to get cold again. Let them gut out wins like they did tonight against the Cavs, then get hot on the right time.

Knicks Win:

In the beginning of the game being down 20-points to the Cleveland Cavilers, I’m saying myself: ‘you’ve gotta be kidding me.’

Then Carmelo Anthony gets injured and it just added fire to the fuel.

But I was okay with Anthony out. I still felt the Knicks could’ve won against the Cavs, without him.

I thought Amare Stoudemire — who 22-points and 6 rebounds — was amazing tonight. I seem like he took over the team with Anthony out.

J.R Smith, yet again, sensational tonight. At one point in the game, he was the only scorer on the floor with Pablo Prigioni, Steve Novak, Jason Kidd and Marcus Camby. You remove Smith from this team and you have no one … Especially when Anthony goes down.

I know Tyson Chandler is a Knick they can’t play without, but Smith is the MVP of this team. He’s been a godsend to this team.

Chandler with the big block to Kyrie Erving’s three point attempt, was clutch. You’re not going to beat teams by 25-points every night, but if you get the big defensive stops at the right time, you win the game. And at this point of the season, no matter how you do, or how bad you look, just get the WIN.

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