Knicks: Amare Stoudemire’s Best Game of the Year

Last Sunday’s game against the Philidelphia 76ers, Amare Stoudemire finally awakens and delievers big in a Knicks win.

I couldn’t give my fallout on the Knick game since I was busy with the Oscars. So I decided just to make a post on Stoudemire, because I wanted to give him his due. He really played like the old Stoudemire.

Stoudemire finished Sunday’s game with: 22 points, 5 rebounds, 22 minutes and went 9-of-10 from shooting.

He went out their and just said: move the f**k out of the way. Stoudemire looked an angry man whose fed up with his game lately and had enough.

Knicks need Stoudemire to play well. He’s the only player on the team that doesn’t rely on the three-point shooting; mainly because he doesn’t shoot them. But the Knicks need that type of player to score in the paint. Tyson Chandler is mainly a defensive player; he’ll get his open dunks and alley oops, though, he’s not the scorer Stoudemire can be.

The difference between the last couple of game and this game for Stoudemire, is the fire in him. Before this game he’s looked hinder, old and tired. He’s got to play with that motivation — and when he doesn’t, he can look sloppy.

Did Kenyon Martin’s appearance motivate Stoudemire? Very possible. If Martin comes in and blends with Chandler in the front court, Stoudemire can lose minutes. Also, Martin is a defensive player.

Knick players need to realize what they can have if they blended together and everyone does their job. If they want to win a championship this year, they gotta blend in and play as a team. Players have to shut up and do their role. If they can do that, the Knicks will go far in the playoffs.

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