Oscar Fallout: Seth MacFarlane New Era; Predictable & Shocker

February 25, 2013

Seth MacFarlane is the Oscar host for years to come.

Not only did I know MacFarlane would be great hosting the Oscars for the very first time, but I knew he’d be so good that he’ll be our new host for the next coming years. He’s gonna be this generations Billy Crystal.

Honestly, I did expect more from MacFarlane. Especially in the opening. Though he told very good jokes; good timing, he confident and edgy.

I hope to see him back next year. In this day in age, you can’t get any better and younger than MacFarlane, to host the Oscars.

Christoph Waltz winning for Best Supporting Actor:

I did not see Django Unchained so it wouldn’t be right for me to tell whether Christoph Waltz was good or not, but I don’t think he should’ve. You can’t tell me he was better than Robert De Niro and Tommy Lee Jones in their parts. No way.

I wanted to see De Niro win, and I was okay with Jones would’ve won. But Waltz winning for that? Eh…

And did you see the look on Bradley Cooper’s face when Waltz won… He was pissed off, that his co-star lose for Best Supporting.

After being shocked and upset, Waltz quickly won me over when he bowed to the other nominees. I though that was a class act by him.

Daniel Day-Lewis winning for Best Leading Actor:

Deserved it. He was phenomenal in Lincoln. Daniel Day-Lewis was the right man to win Best Actor. I thought they’d give it to Hugh Jackman because of the work he did.

Day-Lewis makes history for being the first to win three Best Actor awards. The man is a genius of an actor.

Jennifer Lawrence winning for Best Leading Actress: 

I knew it! Jennifer Lawrence was brillant in Sliver Linings Playbook. It would’ve been an investigation if she didn’t win.

What guy on this earth doesn’t want to be with Lawrence? She’s perfect. Even when she almost bust her ass going up the steps, she looked amazing.

Congrats Jen

Argo wins for Best Picture:

Didn’t agree, but Ben Affleck was honored and so grateful, I was happy for him. I like to see rich people love something else besides money. 

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