Knicks Fallout: THAT WAS GAY

February 22, 2013

New York Knicks lose for the fourth straight game, 100-98.

I just knew Tyson Chandler was going to miss that first free throw in the fourth quater, down by two. Ugh…

It was one of those games where can bash the Knicks, but at some parts of this game you can’t.

You can bash them because of the ridiculous shots and offensive plays they setup; as if they have no play what so ever. However you can’t bash them because the Toronto Raptors played with much more intensity and the officials were absolutely awful, calling fouls against the Knicks.

The Knicks are not playing with the same swag, confidence and energy like they were in the beginning of the season. They’ve completely lost that excitement and wanting to play and compete. It’s almost like — the Knicks got bored of winning and being in the second seed. And if so, that is not good.

Chandler Getting Fouled Out, Hurt The Knicks:

I’m not hating on Chandler for getting fouled out of the game because he is a physical player and the officials were Toronto biased. Although, this is why the Knicks need another player in the paint to fill in for Chandler when he sits. Thankfully they signed Kenyon Martin. They need Martin’s defensive skills on the court while Chandler has to sit. Especially when Amare Stoudemire is not a defensive presence.

With Martin on the way, Knicks desperately need Rasheed Wallace and Marcus Camby to come back. Knicks do not want to run Chandler out of gas, right when the playoffs begin. He’s too important.

Stoudemire Shouldn’t Be Playing If He’s Not 100%:

I keep hearing Mike Breen talk about Stoudemire and say: “He’s in transition” — well, if he is in transition, he shouldn’t be playing! I’m sorry. I understand Mike Woodson having to play him because they have no big man after Chandler. But if you play him, you might as well play Kurt Thomas — or Iman Shumpert.

Shumpert looked a lot better today; I know he’s still struggling but they have to play him! You can’t just bench a 22-year old, who has that type of talent; and defensive gifts. Woodson plays Stoudemire like he’s scoring 20 points a night, and not Shumpert who can help.

If the Knicks don’t want Shumpert to play, they should’ve traded him. He’s never going to start playing better if he only gets two field goal attempts.

Stoudemire had some open dunks; he finished with 14-points — wasn’t terrible, tonight. He’s just not the same player anymore. He’s not the explosive Stoudemire we all know. His speed has vanished. With that, he can’t create plays in the paint like he use to.

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