2013 Oscar Predictions

February 23, 2013

“The Academy Award goes to: Aaron Lafond, for Godfather 4”.

It would be nice. But…just give me ads to promote on Read Paint and I’d be fine. Don’t need the fancy life.

Enough about me! Let’s talk about one of the biggest nights in American television, the 85th annual Academy Awards. And yours truly, predicting it!

I’m just gonna predict the Actress and Actors Leading and Supporting, and Best Picture. All the other nominees can go piss off.

Predicting Winner: Anne Hathaway – “Les Miserables”

This is going to be an obvious landslide. She’s won everything so far for “Les Miserables”, so why the hell would she lose at the Oscars.

It’s Anne’s night and time.

Predicting Winner: Robert De Niro – “Sliver Linings Playbook”

And if I’m wrong, I don’t care. I could easily pick Tommy Lee Jones for “Lincoln”, and he might win it instead, but I’m going with Robert De Niro.

I can say: ‘so what, he played an old man in the 1800’s. Whoopee’. Not the case. He played Thaddeus Stevens, a republican congress who wanted to pass the thirteenth amendment; and believed that black men should be treated the same as white. That’s a powerful character; and I believed in him.

De Niro played a father who was dealing with pain and worry because his son that had a mental illness. And at the same time, you saw why his son had those issues because the father has his own narcotic issues. That’s why I heavily believed in De Niro character as “Pat.Sr”.

I just feel that Jones’ performance is too basic and easy for him. De Niro played the hard part and was better.

Prediction Winner: Jennifer Lawrence – “Sliver Linings Playbook”

If Jessica Chastain wins instead of Jennifer Lawrence, it’s because of Chastain’s looks. She didn’t ‘wow’ me in “Zero Dark Thirty”; she was good — but not great. I think Lawrence is deserving to win.

Lawrence played a nut-job of a chick to the tee. She was everything in this movie; she was scary, dark, sexy, sweet, angry, bitchy, caring, eccentric and nuts.

Not only her acting was great, but she stole the show. Without her, the movie is not even good.

Prediction Winner: Hugh Jackman — “Les Miserables”

It’s almost not fair for the movie Les Miserables be nominated. Because it’s not really a movie. It’s a broadway play. Hugh Jackman acts, and sings; and he was great, not taking anything away. Though, it’s not fair for the other nominated actors who don’t sing and just act.

They’re gonna have to give it to Jackman. He did too much in this movie, not to win. Also, the Academy may want to give Jackman his first Oscar. And he’s good guy.

It’s gonna come down to Jackman and Daniel Day-Lewis.

I liked Day-Lewis a lot, in “Lincoln”. He didn’t just play a U.S president 1800’s — he played Abraham Lincoln’s authentic self. And when you see the previews or a trailer to this movie, you think is another old, boring movie. No — Day-Lewis was funny. He didn’t just play Lincoln, he played his comedic ways when Lincoln told stories.

I have two brothers who loved Denzel Washington in “Flight”, and an aunt who loved Joaquin Phoenix in “The Master”. So … Take that for what’s it’s worth.

Would love to see Phoenix win. A De Niro and Phoenix Oscar win would make my night.

Prediction Winner: “Sliver Linings Playbook”

I’ve notice that the past Best Picture winners, are movies that are unique and simple. I view Sliver Lining to be that. It was simple, but effective. The ending may have been a little too cliche, which could hurt it.

I can say “Argo” is going to win, just because everyone else is saying it. But I’m not. The only reason why Argo is being talked about is because Ben Affleck directed it. And he’s not even up for Best Director.

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