Knicks Fallout: OFF THE WALL!

Hey, listen…I tried with the title. I got nothing, today! Nothing!

And the New York Knicks apparently didn’t have nothing against the Washington Wizards tonight as they fall in D.C, 106-96.

The Knicks should’ve won this game. You may wanna say: ‘It’s an okay lost, because the Knicks won six-games in a row’. No…you can’t think that way.

Tonight, they showed laziness in the defensive side. I understand John Wall has returned to the Wizards and made big difference to the team, but the Knicks took the lead twice a couple times and never ran away with it, or stood in the game.

I’ve notice the Knicks would get on these 9-0 runs, where everything is going well and they’re blocking shots — then, they go cold. A few minutes later during the game, they’ll back into a great rhythm — then, they’ll begin chuck three-pointers and miss.

I understand the Knicks aren’t going to shut down every bad team offensively from the beginning of the game to end, in every game. Although, at moments in tonight’s game, when they’re in a 10-0 run and cut the deficit to two, they’ll lay back as if they’ve just taken a 15-point lead. The Knicks seem to get bored when they face a below .500 team and after winning six in a row.

Tonight’s lost shouldn’t be the end of the world. Just alarming. You don’t want the Knicks to be playing like fat cats because they won six-games in a row and second place in the Eastern Conference.

Amare Stoudemire: He’s getting better…but he’s still not quite back to his form, yet.

Stoudemire’s quickness looks to be improving each game and getting the Knicks points in the paint — which is what they need in a overbearing three-point shooting team — but he’s still rusty and very slow to get back in the defensive end of the court. His knees are starting to worry me.

You cannot deny fact, since his return, the Knick defense has been poor. It’s even starting to effect Iman Shumpert’s playing time. Shumpert should be playing in that fourth quarter in tonight’s game and not Stoudemire. Knicks need Shumpert’s defense in the fourth quarter while trailing on the road.

It’s going to be interesting to see what they’ll do with Stoudemire when Rasheed Wallace returns. Wallace has come out today saying that he’s eager to come back. When healthy, we all know Wallace was a huge contributor.

Again — it’s one lost. But remember, the Knicks were facing below .500 teams in this six-game win streak.

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