Ryan Braun Busted for PED, Again!

February 6, 2013

Tim Brown and Jeff Passan of “Yahoo! Sports” is reporting that Ryan Braun’s name has been listed on the same list of players from the Miami-area clinic; the story that the “Miami New Times” published last week, with Alex Rodriguez being the big name coming out of it.

Boy how good does Lance Armstrong look, now? Braun has now made Armstrong and Rodriguez look innocent.

Braun beats a 50-game suspension in 2011 when he was tested positive because he and Michael Wiener (the EP of MBLPA) found a loophole in the test-taker, and he STILL has the audacity to continue to take performance enhancing drugs. After all Wiener did to get his ass from getting suspended and to keep his imagine from falling; skinned out of that situation in ’11 like a fat rat, and he still used… Unbelievable.

Not only Braun has made A-Rod look innocent, he’s made him look like a genius.

This is a guy who TEST POSITIVE and didn’t get not even one games suspension… I thought I didn’t give a fuck. Even Armstrong is looking at Braun and saying: ‘Wow, I’m impressed’. Unlike Braun, Armstrong was never tested positive — and he gets treated like Adolf Hitler.

The scary part about this is — besides Melky Cabrera — these players were never tested positive during the season. Did A-Rod and Braun test positive and we never knew about it, or are these substances coming out of Miami can’t be tested? If so, that’s whole other bag of issues MLB is gonna have to deal with.

U.S Congress probably wouldn’t have bothered the MLB with last week’s story. But for this Braun news, I think they will. Because he was tested positive before and didn’t even get an inning taken away. The government will be all over Bud Selig’s ass.

Poor Selig … He must be sitting on the toilet, with his hand on his head, while reading these documents with diarrhea exploding out of his ass. I’m sure every time he gets these PED stories he gets stomach pains.

Any way you put it, this is bad for MLB. Braun continue to use shows there’s no discipline in the MLB. It’s like: everyone is free to do whatever they want. Almost like the MLB has become the LimeLight and Selig is Peter Gatien.

Interesting to see how Ryan Braun’s career will look after this. He’s now known to be a full-blooded cheater. Like A-Rod.

Fox Sports writer Ken Rosenthal spoke on the MLB Network, about the Hall of Fame looking ‘not’ like a Hall of Fame in years to come. I guess that’s how Cooperstown will look in the future. Hell — we don’t even know what a clean, great baseball player looks like in this era. This makes the player who hits 20-homers and drives in 80-rbi a year look like Hank Aaron.

Then you look at a player like Francisco Cervelli, whose name was on the list and has never hit over 5 homeruns in his life — you have yourself another argument. Cervelli is the perfect example to why I think PED, HGH and steroids only help the ‘very, very good’ players. Example: Johnny Damon is a very good player. If he’d used steroids, he’d hit 40, 50 homers and drive in 100 every season. But to a player like Cervelli — whose not terrible — they won’t work.

Who knows how many more names will unravel in next couple of weeks; because you know there’s more names to unleash from this Miami clinic.

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