Super Bowl 47 Fallout: Ravens are Champions

Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens, for winning their second Super Bowl in franchise history.

The San Francisco 49ers are no more undefeated in the Super Bowl — now the Ravens are.

After that 20-6 Raven lead to end the first half, then to start the second half when Jacoby Jones has that 108-yard — record setting — touchdown to make it 28-6, you’re probably thinking: ‘well, this is a ho-hum Super Bowl’ … Not really…

If we never have that 34-minute power outage — which was something I’ve never seen in the Super Bowl — I don’t think the 49ers comeback and make this close than it would appear.

If Baltimore loses this game, we would’ve never heard the end of it. Yea, okay, Ravens had a 28-6 lead and should’ve never blown it, but all the Niners needed was touchdown to get them back in the game and to give Colin Kaepernick’s confidence going.

After that delay with the power, the 49ers looked like a brand new team. Everything was going right for them. I think everyone at the game and at home watching felt that San Francisco would eventually win the game. I literally thought we were going to see Kaepernick hoist that trophy in the air, and everyone was going to be talking about how this ’25-year old quarterback who came from nowhere won the Super Bowl’.

Didn’t happen. Wasn’t enough for the young, tatted stud, as he had to endure his first ever heartbreaking lost in this short NFL career.

I picked the Ravens to win, but I was interested in seeing how would the world react to Kaepernick winning a Super Bowl. Just for the fact that he’s not Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Eli Manning, Drew Brees, Aaron Rogers. And we hardly see a no-name QB win a Super Bowl. So, it would have been great to see from that aspect.

The question now is: will Kaepernick return to a Super Bowl and win? Who knows. He is, without a doubt, talented enough to get back. Not only he can run, but he has an incredible arm. When he throws that ball in the air, it looks like Peyton Manning threw it. It has that same velocity and accuracy. Kaepernick can be an MVP in this league.

49ers can get back to the Super Bowl. Though, the one problem is, they play in the NFC where they will see Eli Manning and Aaron Rogers in playoff games.

Joe Flacco: Ever since that Denver Bronco game, I just knew it was Flacco’s time to win it all.

Flacco’s Box Score: 22/33, 287 yards, 3 TD and 0 INT

Flacco sliced and diced that San Francisco defense. Throughout this game he made it look easy. It was a complete pass after a complete pass; hardly, the Niners defense stopped Flacco. He was outstanding.

You can start the argument on Flacco being the best quarterback in the AFC. Why not? Brady has fallen off, and (Peyton) Manning is old. And the Baltimore Ravens can be a team to reckon, for the next couple of years.

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